message from GCC Business Development Director

We are happy to accept the challenge of providing key resources on an international basis. In this our company is guided by principles that ensure our communications, business strategy and activities will receive respect wherever in the world we operate. We will strive consistently to consider and fulfill these principles in the smallest detail and respond effectively and courteously to our customers requirements.
The evaluation of our company values and way of doing business will stand up to the scrutiny of our trading partners, stakeholders and any others interested in our areas of trading. As the head of the company I would like to declare our aim of achieving an outstanding reputation, based not only on our ambition and development, but also professionalism that exceeds the scale of our presence in the world.
"Work Hard"


Message from Managing Director

It is a matter of immense pleasure that I welcome you to Delham Group. We have changed our outlook to a broader concept which includes every fact of engineering from electro mechanical engineering, steel fabrication engineering, construction, trading and other value engineering systems. We are optimistic and our skills, know-how and master technique with all of our clients, vendors and strategic partners for long lasting success on all levels. We are going one step further to revolutionize the current state of the industry and our dedication to excellence is second none. Not only does our quality of services reign supreme, Delham Group is also famous for its world renowned effectively efficient utilization of human capital, technological innovation, top-tier management and safety standards. To add, our client services and commitment to the environment to give us the competitive advantage in such a rich global setting. And with expansion into emerging markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are poised to take the lead in every domestic and international venture we set our sights on. For four years now, we have established territories with an ultimate goal to construct a bright future for you always.



Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Delham Al Saudia Gen. Cont. Est. Delham al Saudia Gen. Cont. Est. strives to develop and maintain an environment that encourages our energetic and diverse workforce to create value of our clients. We have various sectors like Manpower, Heavy Equipment Rental, material Supply, trading, Scaffolding and Duct Fitting. Whatever your requirement, our team can turn the burden of managing project and work force into a long term business for your organization. Our pioneer management team instantly delivers services in your areas by giving the best qualified workers to meet every clients needs.


  • To improve the quality of our community through continuous enhancement of our industrial services.
  • Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Services Excellence
  • Customer Care
  • Focus
  • Committment
  • OUR Mission

  • Customer:
  • Providing quality industrial services to satisfy our customers needs.
  • Staff:
  • Developing a competent workforce and maintaining a harmonious environment.
  • Organization:
  • Keeping pace with technology development and process improvement for service enhancement.